duminică, 9 septembrie 2012

I want to dance

I'm watching from the window, I see outside a horde,
I'm sitting at computer and I'm so fucking bored.
I have nothing to do right now, I'm feeling like a bear,
I'd like to leave this empty room, but I just don't know where.
I'm feeling that I'm trapped in here like flies in spider's net,
The only thing that stays with me is just my stupid pet.
I think I'll see a movie now: a drama or romance,
My body tells me something else: -Get up, I want to dance!

I'm lazy, staying in my bed, trying to catch my thoughts,
They're moving fast because last night I drank too many shots,
I feel so lucky now because nobody is around,
My vision is so blurry and the room is spinning round.
I realise I can't remember nothing from last night,
I don't know if I had a date or if I had a fight,
The only thing that comes in mind from that night so intense:
I felt the vibe and told to all: -Get up, I want to dance!

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