duminică, 31 martie 2013


I'm married and everyday I hate this,
Because my wife a pain in the ass is.
I'm coming drunk, she says: ''I'm sick of you!"
"Go fuck yourself and then I fuck you too!"

I met her at a party, I regret
That terrible day when we both just met.
I took her as a wife, I was so fool
And now I know that marriage is not cool.

Before her I had money, freedom, wealth
She tries to take me now even my health.
We have two kids, but now I don't want more,
They're beautiful as me and smart as her.

I'm mad and this is why I like to drink.
My brain, in alcohol it likes to sink.
And even when I'm drunk and barely see,
I see her and she's still ugly to me.

And all the pleasures of my life she took.
She's lazy and she doesn't know to cook.
She watches shitty movies at TV,
I'm coming tired and she's buzzing me.

And everything I do she asks for more
And I feel I can't stand her any more.
I know, as husbands, that our lives suck,
But an advantage: everyday we fuck.

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